Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy hereby incorporates by reference all Terms and Conditions, policies and guidelines published on this Site, including the Gowrie Getaway Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy abides by all provisions pursuant of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which set out the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) replacing the National Privacy Principles as of the 12 March 2014. Users are encouraged to read information regarded these changes at

This Privacy Policy explains how we, Gowrie Getaway (the “Site”), collect data from Users on this website and how we treat information that comes into our possession. The policy also outlines the scope and extent of User’s discretion regarding the collection, correction, transmission and retention of such information.

1. Information

We gather “Personal Information.” This is information about you that is personally identifiable to you like your name and contact details. “Anonymous Information” is information that is connected to your personal information and will not identify you as a User and may instead be an automatic collection of information. By submitting Personal Information to the Site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and you expressly consent to the processing of your Personal Information in accordance to this policy. Your Personal Information may be processed in the country where it was collected, as well as, other countries where privacy laws are not consistent with Australian law.

2. General

We collect information submitted to us by Members; therefore, Users who visit the site purely for purposes of browsing will not have their personal information collected. We collect anonymous information as our server may log details of computers used to access the site, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and the operating system. The date, time of access and details of the data downloaded will also be recorded.

3. Registration

Users who wish to make inquiries or purchases or make comments will be asked to register by submitting information that can be used to identify them, such as their name, postal address, telephone number and/or email address. With regard to all personally identifiable information submitted to us by Users, we would like to assure all Users that such information will be received in strictest confidence and will not be disclosed or sold to a third party or any other unauthorized person. However, we may disclose personally identifiable information in compliance with a lawful court order or any government regulatory requirements. Information may also be disclosed to prevent a vice such as where a person’s life is in mortal harm. We could also disclose personally identifiable information of a User to our lawyers in connection to legal proceedings instituted against us by that particular User.

4. Control of User’s data

Information provided or entered into our website by a User belongs to that User and as such, the User has control over who has access to such information. Only Users with a recognized username and password will be allowed to access a User Account. The User has an obligation to keep his/herusername and password safe to ensure access to private information is restricted to authorized persons. Users also have the right under the Privacy Act 1988 to request access to personal information held by us. Such requests may be sent using the following email  We may use the contact information provided to us by the User to contact that User about any aspect of his/her account, or about a product that in our estimation might be of interest to a particular User, or to inform Users about an imminent downtime/upgrade, or to invite the User to take part in a service-related survey. Should a User desire to stop receiving such notifications, he/she may proceed to notify us or edit his/her preferences accordingly.

5. Cookies

When you use the Site, Gowrie Getaway may place small files called cookies on your computer. Gowrie Getaway uses cookies to enable registered Users to tailor unique preferences and to track both registered and unregistered Users’ activity on the Site to acknowledge trends and patterns. Gowrie Getaway sends a session cookie to your computer when you log in to your Account. This type of cookie will assist Users who want to visit multiple pages on the Site, as they will not have to enter a password to view individual pages. This type of cookie expires once the User closes the browser. Gowrie Getaway also uses longer-lasting cookies to contain and display information relevant to a User’s account and current projects. The cookies are encoded to ensure that only Gowrie Getaway can interpret the information. Members and Users always have the option to disable cookies through their browser preferences; however, this may make certain functions of the Site less effective.

6. Monitoring and Systems usage

We may also use User information for our internal purposes such as monitoring of our servers and system performance. We may display advertisements using aggregate and anonymous information collected using the site. Such information may be used to display targeted advertisements to Users depending on the aggregate information. By doing this, we would still be bound by our commitment not to disclose personally identifiable information to third parties.

7. The Site Contains Links to Other Sites

Gowrie Getaway is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other websites to which the Site links or those that link our Site. By clicking on a hyperlink or logo to an external webpage, you are no longer on the Gowrie Getaway Site. We encourage Users to note the URL at the top or bottom of your browser to ensure you are aware of the Internet location.  Two such sites are Tripadvisor and AirBnb.  Users are encouraged to visit these sites  & respectively and to read their privacy policies and terms and conditions.

8. Governing law

This Privacy Policy will be governed by the laws currently in force in the Commonwealth of Australia. Gowrie Getaway’s Privacy Policy and information gathering activity abides by all provisions expressed in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012.  Gowrie Getaway has taken special care to provide User’s with a policy that embodies the necessary protections as provided for in the recent amendment to the Commonwealth Act.

9. Public Information

As part of registration to the site or to giving a testimonial, you may be required to submit some information about yourself, your company or business as well as describe your experience and qualifications. Potential clients and buyers may wish to review these details before engaging in business activity. The information you provide will be displayed on the site and visible publicly.  We will not have any obligation under the Privacy Policy with respect to information that you voluntarily provide to other Users of Gowrie Getaway’s website.

10. Intellectual property

We retain the copyright of the content in this Privacy Policy. It may not be copied by any person without our express consent.

11. Notification of Changes

Gowrie Getaway may update this policy occasionally as the Site changes and expands. If we make substantial changes to the policy we will release a notification and post the updated version 30 days prior to its activation. Once the amendments become effective we will take your continued use of the Site as consent to the new terms.

12. Privacy Complaints and Enquiries

Gowrie Getaway welcomes feedback about Privacy issues and will endeavour to attend to all questions and complaints promptly. You can contact Gowrie Getaway using the following details: